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Maintenance Tips of JiangDing Wood Crusher

March 06, 2018

For the better performance of our wood crusher, we would like to offer some maintenance tips here:


1.Check the equipment after use, before the end of work everyday, mainly about the wear situation of the screws, the hocks and the perforated screen, etc.

2.Make sure there is no metal parts or rocks mixed in the feeding material.

3.Avoid putting any tools on top of the crusher while it’s working; do not open or check the interior when the equipment is on. Turn the machine off when there is any abnormal signs noticed, and do not proceed further until it comes to a full stop.

4.Oil the bearing. For bearing with screwing lubricating cap, turn the cap a quarter of a circle every 2 hours of working; for enclosed bearings, add grease every 300 hours of working. Make sure the grease is in good condition. If the temperature of the bearing is above 40℃ while working, stop the machine and check for the faults.