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JiangDing Wood Peeling Production Line Shipping to Shanxi, China

March 07, 2018



   JiangDing Wood Peeling Machine is an equipment specialized in peeling all kinds of wood trunks and branches in regular and irregular forms. Wood peeling machines made by JiangDing has been adopted by various forest farms, papermaking, pulp making and wood storage and wood processing industries worldwide.


The Advantages of JiangDing Wood Peeling Machine

1.JiangDing Wood Peeling Machine is very easy to operate and convenient, thus a high productivity capacity is guaranteed.

2.The scientific and energy-saving design makes high peeling rate, regardless of the wood condition.

3.The equipment itself is fixed firmly on a giant base, which would stable the machine itself while operation, and minimize the noise, the energy cost and maintenance work.


Operation Guide

   Load the roller groove with wood trunks, logs and branches, then close the inlet baffle properly. Turn on the machine, and the roller would push the wood move clockwise against the peeling slots continuously. Turn the machine off after 15 minutes. Open the outlet baffle, then turn the machine on to counterclockwise mode for 2 minutes so the peeled wood would be carried out of the groove. The peeling rate of JiangDing Wood Peeling Machine is 95%.