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JiangDing-800 Multi-functional Shredder Shipping to Laos

March 06, 2018

   JiangDing Multi-functional Shredder is the expert in shredding large-size tough materials. Raw materials that could be processed by JiangDing Multi-functional Shredder includes: Bamboo basket; wood leftovers ; tires; paint barrels; shells of discarded brown goods and white goods; large-scale pipes and tubes; film rolls; etc.

JiangDing-800 Multi-functional Shredder


The Advantages of JiangDing Multi-functional Shedder:

1.The main structure of the equipment is made with high quality, extra-thick steel; wide-angel hexagonal shaft, and big solid inlet hopper, which ensure stable performance of the equipment, even when process large size raw materials.

2.Special-designed revolving cutters with powerful and sharp blade efficiently shred the materials.

3.The cutters are all made with special alloy steel.

4.JiangDing provides shredder blades with different thickness: 15mm, 20mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm; the choice of the diameter depends on the preferred size of the processed pellets.

5.Low noise and low dust while production.