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JiangDing-500 Mobile Branches Crusher with Diesel Engine Shipping to Mongolia

March 06, 2018

   This product is the perfect combination of hammer crusher and wood crusher, and benefiting from the special design of two different inlet hoppers, it is widely used for varies purposes. JiangDing Branches Crusher could process different materials, like logs, branches, twigs, leaves, wood blocks, stalk, bamboo, bamboo leaves, fodder, chemical materials into wood chips, wood pallets or sawdust. The output could be used in making wood particle board, fiberboard, paper pulp, chemical charcoal and organic fertilizer, etc.

   With the help of JiangDing Branches Crusher, all kinds of gardening leftover could be turned into useful material with economic benefits. What’s more, the transportation cost would be highly reduced, for the processed leftover would be much less space-consuming. The mobile design makes the product very suitable and convenient for field work, this equipment could be installed on a cart, or some agricultural vehicles.

JiangDing-500 Mobile Branches Crusher with Diesel Engine Shipping to Mongolia

The Advantages of JiangDing Branches Crusher

1.This equipment is installed with automatic heating unit, which could adjust the humidity of the material and guarantee the high quality of the product.

2.The equipment is made of wear-resistant material, which insures that the equipment could work continuously with stable performance.

3.JiangDing Branches Crusher is designed easy to operate and energy saving.

4.JiangDign Branches Crusher could be installed also with diesel motor, according to your practical needs.