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JiangDing-1300 Wood Crusher Shipping to Zhejiang, China

March 06, 2018

   JiangDing Wood Crusher could process all kinds of wood leftovers, branches, logs, bark, leaves, bamboo, grass, corncob, cornstalk, and sorghum stalk. JiangDing Wood Crusher helps to produce the top quality sawdust and wood chips, in the purpose of making good mushroom substrate, particle board, etc.

JiangDing-1300 Wood Crusher

JiangDing-1300 Wood Crusher

   Well designed with three main parts, the chipping device, the grinding/pulverizing device and the draught fun, the equipment is driven by one major motor, which makes its overall size compact and smaller, and makes it an energy-saving wood crushe with high productivity and decent quality.

   Jiang Ding provides different models of Wood Crusher, including the mobile version, the multi-functional version with two inlet hoppers. We are confident that you will find the perfect wood crusher that will meet all your expectations.